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Nanjing THANKO New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (former NANJING THANKO VACUUM ELECTRONICS CO. LTD.), is a professional getter manufacturer in the field. The company has adopted not only the advanced production lines with the sophisticated equipments and perfect processes, but also the comprehensive quality assurance systems. The policy of THANKO is Sincere Cooperation and Perfect Products. Using our top quality products and the best service must result in the customers highest satisfaction.

The company manufactures and sells the evaporable getters, non-evaporable getters, and the renovation getters, which are the industrial components used in Color Picture Tube (CPT) and Color Display Tube (CDT), Monochrome Picture Tube and Display Tube, Vacuum Flat Display (VFD), Special Electron Tube, High Intensify Discharge Lamp (HID) including High/Low Pressure Sodium Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp and so on, Solar Collector Tube, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask, Gas Purifier, Atomic Energy Industries, etc.
The Getter Mcry Dispenser (GMD) is designed for CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). They can not only release the mcry needed but also absorb active gaseous impurities. The applying of Getter Mcry Dispenser does not have the pollution caused by the traditional mcry-filling methods.

We are willing to plunge the overall efforts into products manufacturing and supplying, in order to ensure that all customer of THANKO long term supplying are provided with qualified getter products. THANKO is sincerely serving you! .

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